We Are Moving!

Hey all, just a quick update post as to what is happening in the life of the blog.

Some of you may be wondering as to where the post for today is. Today has been a little busy as today sees the official start of our new site! I have decided to go and give this a solid try, rather than ride freely and so I went and purchased a domain name and with massive help from the folks over at Une Amourette I have set up a new and fancier BWM over at the new Blog What, Magnitude? site!

It basically looks the same as the current blog but with this it allows for a chance for this rather silly blog to be taken more seriously, something which I am relishing the challenge of. To all who have read this blog over the past year and a half I have to thank you for your support and hope that you enjoy what we have prepared in the future for the site.

All new BWM posts will be over on the new site starting from this Friday so I hope you follow your patronage over!


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