Music For Your Monday S2W09 – February 29th, 2016

Welcome back to another week of Music For Your Monday! Every week we take a look at a list of 5 songs for the week, covering new tracks, oddball tunes, and the good old classics.

This week on a special Leap Day edition, we are going to listen to some Icelandic music bliss and become an Engine, so lets leap straight in!

In The Silence – Asgeir 

This Icelandic songwriter exploded in popularity in the last few years and listening to this track off his English debut, it is easy to see why. With one hell of a relaxing singing voice and music that puts you immediately at ease, this song is fantastic to bring you back down after a horrible day spent doing menial tasks.

Perfect For – Drifting off to sleep after your first day of Uni.

Engine – Neutral Milk Hotel

Regular readers will know of my love for this band, so when I recently tracked down the box set the band released back in 2011 I was amazed to see how their depth extended far beyond their second and most well loved LP. Engine, the B-side of the Holland, 1945 single is one case. A simple song about literally being an engine, Jeff Mangum infects the song with a higher sense of sadness and one that makes the song absolutely worth listening to.

Perfect For – Proving you are no longer 12 and it isn’t a phase, mom.

Baby Fratelli – The Fratellis

Today was the beginning of University for another year for many of us, so naturally I decided to chuck this song in here for its use in the Second season premiere of Community, where we see the characters in the same positions that many of us are in today. A great track to rock out to, this song gets you pumped for whatever is about to come your way.

Perfect For – Your Indie Pump Up Playlist

You! Me! Dancing! – Los Campensinos!

Breaking my own 1 song per band per season rule for this entry, This song was the one that played when I began my own year this morning. A pumping indie rock tune that slowly builds for two minutes before providing you with four minutes of fantastic and catchy rock, this track was an experience to behold while starting yet another year of university.

Perfect For – Infusing your morning walk with a bit of British Indie.

Sloom – Of Monsters And Men

Wrapping us up for this week is this track off the Icelandic band’s debut album. A slower and softer track, this track is catchy yet relaxing and it, much like Asgeir earlier on, does fantastic in relaxing you after a long day of (most likely) doing nothing. One of the more underrated tracks on the album, Sloom is a track that demands more attention.

Perfect For – Building a list of reasons why Iceland is one of the best places on Earth in terms of musical output

That rounds it up for this time! Shoot us a link if you want to see your favourite song on the list, and we’ll be back next week with another 5 songs for your Monday!


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