State Of The Blog – February 28th, 2016

Hey everybody! This is just a quick update letting you all know what is happening with the blog in the near future! As some of you would know, I recently got back from Germany where I was unable to run the blog to the best of my ability so I apologize if there were any major issues with articles not showing up as they normally do. I know this was the case with the last couple of Wednesday posts, as there were none. This was a mistake on my part, Poor scheduling plus a deadline before I left resulted in a few posts going undone and they were the Wednesday lists.

Anyway, moving into March 2016, I have some interesting stuff planned for the blog over the next month or so. I have already started the 2016 April Antics in preparation for April and more importantly so they can be done and released on time and not three months later like they were in 2015.

Secondly I am going to make a slight change to how I currently post. Mondays for the near future will remain the same, as we still have around a month more of Music For Your Mondays Season Two to go, so expect no change there.

Wednesdays will see a change to them as I intend to have larger pieces appear on these days that are not only unrelated to lists but also more akin to feature articles of the sort. In between these pieces I will also be continuing with normal lists but might also be changing them up depending on how brainstorming for these go.

Fridays will also change as we just saw the end of Retrospectives Season One. It was a rather interesting experience for me, as I am not someone who likes to talk about myself often nor have personal experiences widely open to public viewings. I am still very undecided as to whether or not the series will return in the future, with one reason being the lack of significant albums in the last couple of years of my life (I can think of maybe four or five, tops) and so if there is to be another season of it, it will be a long way down the line.

Fridays for the moment will return back to Music Reviews but I am looking at doing other things further down the line.

In other news, i am currently in the midst of preparing something big as we move onwards and upwards as a blog, and news should come out about it in the upcoming weeks if everything goes to plan. It is very exciting and by far the biggest thing to date that this blog has undertaken and I am very excited to share it all with you.

But for now, thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!


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