Music For Your Monday S2W07 – February 15th, 2016

Welcome back to another week of Music For Your Monday! Every week we take a look at a list of 5 songs for the week, covering new tracks, oddball tunes, and the good old classics.

This week we celebrate with our best friends, look at riots and have some classic nightmares, so lets get things going!

Floridada – Animal Collective

Kicking us off this week is the lead single from Animal Collective’s newest album, due out this week. Even though I am not a huge fan of the band I cannot lie and say that this song is super catchy and has been on constant repeat for the last few weeks. With a constant foot tapping beat, the song makes you wonder what is happening not only with the song itself but also the batshit insane music video.

Perfect For – Wanting to trip when you can’t afford hardcore drugs.

Default – Django Django

This catchy track off this band’s debut album shows why they are very good at what they do. Layering several tracks on top of each other to make the song feel like something different on each listen, this track has a distinct country feel for some reason yet with its catchy rhythms it will keep you tapping along for the duration of the song. Arguably their most well known track, this is Django Django at their best.

Perfect For – A modern Western film

Best Friend – Foster The People

While the second Foster The People album failed to live up to expectations, it did give us super catchy songs like Best Friend. A song that is fun to sing along with and even more fun to groove along with, Best Friend is one of those songs that builds on you over time, with each listen getting more and more enjoyable. The case in point is the chorus, which with its random parts thrown in here and there only gets better with each listen.

Perfect For – Arguing that Foster The People still have it

She’s A Riot – The Jungle Giants

Sending this Aussie band into the limelight, She’s A Riot is just a hell of a good time. Catchy as heck, with clapping that is easy to imitate and even more fun to do, the song relies on the fun that is being had by the listener to make the song fantastic, and thankfully it works as this song is one of those ones that is very hard to listen to and actively dislike.

Perfect For – Getting that all important smiling practice in

Good Ol’ Fashion Nightmare – Matt & Kim

Finishing us off this week is this amazing track off the US duo’s second album. With a catchy as hell toy piano riff that carries the song on its back, the song gets you smiling and tapping along from the get go and this pays off more and more as the track goes on. With lyrics that are easy and fun to sing along with, this is simple and a fantastically great song to listen to for almost any occasion. This is vintage Matt & Kim and showcases them at their best.

Perfect For – Your Spanish assignment

That rounds it up for this time! Shoot us a link if you want to see your favourite song on the list, and we’ll be back next week with another 5 songs for your Monday!


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