Music For Your Monday S2W06 – February 8th, 2016

Welcome back to another week of Music For Your Monday! Every week we take a look at a list of 5 songs for the week, covering new tracks, oddball tunes, and the good old classics.

This week we are hopefully not dreaming things are over, shaking things out and looking for a saint, so without delay lets get things started!

Gasoline – Alpine

Kicking us off this week is this catchy track from Australian band Alpine off their debut album. Getting you tapping along from the get go, the song keeps you grooving along thanks to the simple hooks the band has repeated throughout the song which makes the track work much more than it really should. One of the band’s most well known songs, this hit will get you dancing along quickly and having a good time all from that first bar.

Perfect For – Fueling up your next playlist (get it guys? because its about Gasoline)

Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House

A huge hit not only in Australia but internationally too, this song off the band’s debut album showcases just how great Crowded House are as a band. With a slow and relaxing feel, the song contrasts itself not only musically but also lyrically, providing for a great range within itself. Great fun to sing along to and one of those tracks that almost everyone will know despite its age, this track is one that still holds up.

Perfect For – Making your parents seem cool

Shake It Out – Florence + The Machine

This track will always bring back memories of that one episode of How I Met Your Mother it was used in, but the fact is this song is a fantastic piece of work. Catchy yet emotional, Shake It Out is an anthem for moving on from whatever life throws at you, noting that things will change and for now all you have to do is shake it away. It’s a motivating song and one that works wonderfully as a pickup song for whenever you are feeling a little down at something that is ultimately small.

Perfect For – Forgiving that one guy who pulled in front of you this morning

Saint Joan – Husky

My favorite song of 2014, Saint Joan is a super relaxing track that wants to put you at ease while also making you tap along and sing with the track. With a fantastic chorus and an even better use of the guitar throughout the track, Saint Joan is one of those songs that will seemingly come out of nowhere and get stuck in your head for days on end. The song is even an award winner, taking out the Vanda & Young contest in 2014, so for all you gloryhunters there is something for you here as well.

Perfect For – A relaxing Sunday drive

Zoom – Last Dinosaurs

Finishing us off this week is the opening track from this Australian bands debut album. Setting the scene with what seems to be a radio opening, the song then picks up the pace and provides a rocking riff for you to latch onto. The lyrics themselves are great fun to sing along with, especially in the chorus, and with a foot tapping musical track, the song pushes you to dance along with it, allowing for some great fun to be had with friends.

Perfect For – Getting any party started

That rounds it up for this time! Shoot us a link if you want to see your favourite song on the list, and we’ll be back next week with another 5 songs for your Monday!



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