Music For Your Monday S2W04 – January 25th, 2016

Welcome back to another week of Music For Your Monday! Every week we take a look at a list of 5 songs for the week, covering new tracks, oddball tunes, and the good old classics.

This week we are creating perfect worlds, sitting on favorite chairs and boring America, so without any more delay, lets go!

Molecules – Atlas Genius

This lead single from Australian band Atlas Genius’ second LP is one that is strangely scientific in nature. While possessing a catchy hook and riffs that a great fun to rock out to, the lyrics are very dual purpose, both having a deeper meaning while stay oddly science based. A winner for fans of Molecules everywhere, this track shows the band has somehow managed to evolve more than one would expect.

Perfect For – When the Science Faculty needs a pickup at their party

Perfect World – Broken Bells

In my mind, there is no more talented of a musician than James Mercer. The frontman of The Shins and part of the duo Broken Bells, he has proven that he can shift things at the drop of a hat and still make music worth hearing. Perfect World is a great example, using the slow build and synth heavy track to produce a six minute epic that is worth savoring over and over again. My favorite Broken Bells song, Perfect World helped to kickstart the bands second LP in a wonderful way.

Perfect For – An early morning run

Bored In The USA – Father John Misty

One of the standout tracks off surprise album I Love You, Honeybear, Bored In The USA is a perfectly biting look at American living. Rather stripped back musically, the song relies on Tillman’s vocals and lyrics, both of which hit the mark to make this song engrossing to listen to. The fact that it uses a laugh track to hit some of the finer points home is just icing on this wonderful cake.

Perfect For – Showing apathy in regards to where you are

Kathleen Sat On The Arm Of Her Favorite Chair – Hooton Tennis Club

A track from a band I found way too late into 2015, this song just screams English Indie Rock. With a catchy riff, the song is a foot tapping number that would not feel out of place on any major Summer ad campaign and with lyrics about going out there and doing stuff, its a short and sweet track that pushes you to do more with your own plans.

Perfect For – A Sunny Day road trip with mates

Golden Skans – Klaxons

Wrapping us up this week is this hit song from the UK band Klaxons. A super catchy track that drags you in from the get go, Golden Skans is one of those tracks that gets stuck in your head for days on end but despite all this and all these listens, I still cannot for the life of me sing most of this song. And that probably is a good thing if we are being perfectly honest.

Perfect For – Any FIFA playlist

That rounds it up for this time! Shoot us a link if you want to see your favourite song on the list, and we’ll be back next week with another 5 songs for your Monday!


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