Top 10 Albums of 2015


Welcome back to our Best of 2015 series, and in this post we will be looking at the very best the musical world had to offer in 2015.

Now coming straight off the bat I have to say that I can not listen to every single track released in 2015 as it would be impossible so this list will be out of the albums that I feel were the best from 2015 that I listened to during that year. Also, as music is such a massive topic of discussion, there will be objections, so let me know in the comment what you think the best albums of 2015 were!

And now on to the list!

10. Public Service Broadcasting – The Race For Space

With its unique blend of archival recordings and modern indie rock stylings, there was no album as unique as The Race For Space in 2015. An album that flew under a lot of people’s radars due to its rather strange outlook and niche, for fans who got a listen to this album would hear not only a wonderful trip through history but also a barrage of catchy songs and mesmerizing tracks.

Standout Track – “Gagarin”

9. Boy & Bear – Limit Of Love

While not matching the highs of Harlequin Dream and Moonfire before it, Limit Of Love was another solid entry by the Australian band, with track after track of relaxing enjoyment, and the occasional catchy earworm to keep fans of all types tapping along throughout the album. With standout tracks like Ghost 11 and Hollow Ground, we get more of what we have come to love, all while seeing a natural progression that the band has been leaning towards.

Standout Track – “Walk The Wire”

8. The Fratellis – Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied

How this album flew under the radar this year is beyond me. Easily the best Fratellis album since Costello Music, Eyes Wide was a natural progression and yet a culmination of the previous three albums before it, resulting in a complete set of tracks that are all enjoyable on their own merits. This album was such a treat that even the bonus acoustic tracks manage to sneak into the discussion for songs of the year.

Standout Track – “Imposters (Little By Little)”

7. San Cisco – Gracetown

The second album from this popular Australian group saw them hone in on what worked so well with their earlier hits and while it did not payoff 100% of the time, Gracetown was still a hell of a good time. With plenty of catchy grooves and sing along lyrics to go around, there was no shortage of a good time to be found on this album and it resulted in being one of the most purely enjoyable albums of the year.

Standout Track – “Too Much Time Together”

6. Father John Misty – I Love You, Honeybear

One of the most critically hailed albums of the year, this work of art comes together in so many ways that it pushes the definition of enjoyment and music. With fantastic storytelling and the musical prowess to back up the major points that Father John Misty wishes to make, I Love You, Honeybear is both a beautifully happy and hauntingly sad trip through a relationship and one of the best musical experiences of the year as a result.

Standout Track – “Bored In The USA”

5. Lord Huron – Strange Trails

Coming out of nowhere to dominate my end of year playlist was this album by little known US band Lord Huron, whose unique mix of story telling both through music and other media puts them in a field of their own. But musically, Strange Trails was a fantastic journey, filled with catchy and upbeat highs and emotionally draining lows, all of which combine to make one heck of a story that even after 10+ listens, I still cannot comprehend.

Standout Track – “Fool For Love”

4. Sufjan Stevens – Carrie & Lowell

No album surprised me more than Carrie & Lowell did in 2015. A fantastically amazing album that not only tears out your heart and stomps on it but also gets stuck in your head for days on end, resulting in you walking around humming “We’re all gonna die” over and over. It’s a surreal experience and Carrie & Lowell not only secured Sufjan’s spot as a beloved Indie icon but also as an artist who can make one cry without much effort.

Standout Track – “Death With Dignity”

3. City & Colour – If I Should Go Before You

An album that gets better every time you listen to it, I was initially very weary of Dallas Green’s 5th solo effort, but If I Should Go Before You surprised me a lot with its enjoyable songs that combine all of the elements that lead to me loving City & Colour in the first place. Catchy yet emotional, Rocking yet experimental, If I Should Go Before You was a big test as to what Dallas Green can do, and needless to say, he knocked it out of the park.

Standout Track – “Runaway”

2. Avalanche City – We Are For The Wild Places

When I sat down and planned this list, I had a clear top two in mind and it shows just how far apart I adore these next two albums from this year. We Are For The Wild Places was well worth the four year wait as it showcased not only a natural progression from the New Zealander’s debut album but it also somehow managed to be better than the previous album all while still maintaining the charm that caused me to fall in love with the band in the first place.

Standout Track – “Little Fire”

1. The Wombats – Glitterbug

With a super obvious top choice, there was no better album in 2015, or even in the past couple of years, than Glitterbug. After four years between albums, this Liverpool band managed to somehow make even more enjoyable music and make their previous effort – one of my all time favorite albums – look pale in comparison. With plenty of catchy hooks and lyrics that you cannot help but sing along to, Glitterbug was a masterclass in fun, and something that was desperately needed in a rather sad and full on year of music.

Standout Track – “Give Me A Try”

So there you have it! Where did I go wrong? Agree or Disagree, let me know in the comments what you think the best albums of 2015 were!




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