Top TV Shows of 2015 – Part Two


Welcome back to our list of the top TV shows of 2015! In this post we will reveal what we think the top ten shows of 2015 have been and why they are so damned good!

10. Veep (HBO)

Just sneaking into the top ten is this Political series which in its fourth season, took the show to all new heights, with the titular Veep finally stepping up into the role of President Meyer. This series added Hugh Laurie into the mix which was always welcome but most importantly it kept the show hilarious, which leaves many fans nervous as creator and showrunner Armando Iannucci has stepped down for the fifth season.

Standout Episode – “Testimony”

9. Master Of None (Netflix)

Aziz Ansari proved that he was not in fact a follower of his own show’s title with this fantastic debut season. Taking on unique issues such as Indian actors in Television and movies to the pressures of first generation immigrants, Master of None was a breath of fresh air in a market where comedians will often be the sole voice behind a show and make it either a new spin on existing topics (Louie) or just an attempt at a reboot of Seinfeld (looking at you, Mulaney)

Standout Episode – “Parents”

8. BoJack Horseman (Netflix)

No show made me more depressed this past year than BoJack Horseman did in the space of 15 minutes. This show continues to fly under the radar but what people seem to miss is the fantastic mix of emotional outpouring, character development and laugh out loud comedy, all of which get better on repeat viewing. BoJack Horseman made itself a show worth watching over and over again in its second season, and has set itself up to be a future classic of animated shows.

Standout Episode – “Escape From L.A.”

7. Review With Forrest MacNeil (Comedy Central)

Review in its first season proved that remakes of Australian shows can work, but what made it special was how it departed from the original formula, but in its second season, Review kicked even more into the absolute insanity that is the life of Forrest MacNeil and by actually showing the consequences that befell the titular reviewer we got an oddly compelling and interesting season that wrapped everything up nicely in a fantastic season (and maybe series) finale.

Standout Episode – “Murder, Magic 8 Ball, Procrastination”

6. Parks And Recreation (NBC)

Final seasons are always hard to do. To wrap everything up in such a manner that every fan will be satisfied is something that has rarely been achieved, yet Parks can be one of those shows that can add itself to the list, with a perfect final season that gave loads of callbacks, plenty of character development and great endings for everyone involved. No show has gone out better than Parks & Rec, and with its optimistic sense of value, the show will be sorely missed on the television landscape in 2016 and beyond.

Standout Episode – “One Last Ride”

5. Better Call Saul (AMC)

Following Breaking Bad was always going to be a tough ask for any new spinoff show, and it speaks absolute volumes to the quality of Better Call Saul that I already enjoy the show more than I did of the earlier seasons of Breaking Bad. Better Call Saul built on top of the world of Breaking Bad but only by giving us the ending. we know where these characters are going to end up, but it is so much more enjoyable seeing how they get there.

Standout Episode – “Five-O”

4. Nathan For You (Comedy Central)

Only someone like Nathan Fielder can graduate from one of Canada’s top business schools with really good grades and give us something as insanely brilliant as Nathan For You. The third season changed the format up slightly by focusing more on one solo idea and as a result we got more insanity from Fielder, be it having someone tell him they love him repeatedly or creating a new fitness craze all to move furniture easier. Nathan For You remains television’s funniest show and arguably the biggest hidden gem on TV.

Standout Episode – “The Movement”

3. Hannibal (NBC) 

I adore this show. So when I say it was a step back in its third season yet one of the best seasons of 2015 it is clear just how far apart the top three was this year. Hannibal remained fantastically gory and arty, making me and everyone else who watched feel pretentious yet almost sickened by how far the show would go. With the combination of both the Hannibal book and Red Dragon, we essentially got two seasons of quality to make up for the realization that there is no more Hannibal to come in the future.

Standout Episode – “The Wrath Of The Lamb”

2. The Americans (FX)

Holy crap was this season good. In the basically perfect third season of this Cold War drama we got an outstanding look not only into the world of the 1980’s and how both sides on the Cold War saw each other, but also a fascinating look at family and what they mean to everyone. With a creeping feel of tension rising throughout the season culminating in a crazy cliffhanger for Season 4, The Americans proved that the slow burn works and can make for edge of your seat TV.

Standout Episode – “Do Mail Robots Dream Of Electric Sheep?”

1. Fargo (FX)

There was no better show on TV this year than Fargo, nor has there been a better season of TV than the second season of this anthology drama. Taking on the Sioux Falls Massacre in 1979, the show remained engrossing all the way through, and you know a show has gone in the right direction when they can throw something completely mental off the wall and it will stick and make for amazing TV. Still darkly funny and with fantastic performances across the board, every show has a new benchmark to hit, and Fargo will be hard pressed to pass itself in Season 3. The fact that this show worked so well makes me happy I picked the side of Fargo over True Detective in 2014 and only now is it appearing to pay off for all those fans.

Standout Episode – “The Castle”

So there you have it! The very best of 2015, which may be one of the best years of TV there has ever been. We truly are in the Golden Age of Television. Just as some interesting notes I decided to look at the networks which had the most shows on my list as a bit of curiosity:

Netflix – 5 Shows (Best Performing: BoJack Horseman @ #8)

HBO – 5 Shows (Best Performing: Veep @ #10)

FX/FXX – 4 Shows (Best Performing: Fargo @ #1)

Comedy Central – 3 Shows (Best Performing: Nathan For You @ #4)

NBC – 2 Shows (Best Performing: Hannibal @ #3)

FOX – 2 Shows (Best Performing: Brooklyn Nine Nine @ #18)

All other networks only had one show appear. I hope you enjoyed this list but feel free to give me your top shows of 2015 in the comments! I know there are some that I missed like Mr Robot, Making A Murderer, Ash Vs. Evil Dead, Mad Men and many more but I am keen to hear your views!

Join us next week as we continue our Best of 2015 series with our Top 10 Music Albums of 2015.






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