Top TV Shows Of 2015 – Part One


Welcome to the first in our series of the Best of 2015! We will be looking at the best TV Shows, TV Episodes, Albums, Songs and Movies that 2015 had to offer and judge them purely on my own terrible opinions!

To kick us off I decided to look at the best TV we had on offer in 2015 and boy was there a lot of it! FX reported that there were 409 Scripted TV series this year so naturally I was unable to watch all of them, try as hard as I could. So this list will be my top 30 shows of 2015 based on what I have watched.

So apologies to fans of Game Of Thrones, Mad Men, House Of Cards and Mr. Robot but I did not get the chance to watch any of them in 2015, so they will not be on this list (I have a feeling that even if I had seen them all, only Mr. Robot and Mad Men would be on here anyway).

So without further ado, Let’s kick off with the Best TV Shows of 2015!

30. Documentary Now! (IFC)

Kicking off this list is this series from the brains of Bill Hader, Fred Armisen and Seth Meyers that took on the classic documentary format and turned it on its head. By expertly parodying the very documentaries themselves, the series made its humor much more referential than expected while at the same time still providing plenty of laughs to keep even those who didn’t know the source material entertained.

Standout Episode – “The Eye Doesn’t Lie”

29. Galavant (ABC)

This show is a freak of nature. A insane concept (A musical fantasy series) that was scheduled and expected to die and be an average show instead turned into so much more. A hilarious and goofy fun musical romp, Galavant was just a joy to behold and with its meta commentary on the state of television at the moment, it was one of the more poignant series on the air this year.

Standout Episode – “Pilot”

28. South Park (Comedy Central)

While South Park attempted to blend continuity into their episodes last year, it was this season where they truly perfected the formula, making each episode build on the ones before it until we got a coherent world that was great fun to watch each week. While the series did not feel as funny as older episodes, this season was still fantastic from start to finish and one of the strongest seasons in years.

Standout Episode – “Safe Space”

27. It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia (FXX)

When a show has been around as long as IASIP, there needs to be a way to show the series is still fresh and relevant and this FXX series more than proved it with Season 10 not only by shaking up things at the core of the show with unique episodes done in one take, or by simply providing plenty of callbacks to make even the smallest fans feel smart for getting that reference, Sunny beat Boggs in Season 10 and knocked it out of the park.

Standout Episode – “Charlie Work”

26. Broadchurch (ITV)

The first series of this English show was a masterclass in keeping watchers in the dark, and naturally the show managed to retain most of this for its fantastic second series, which saw the Latimer case go to trail all while bringing the cast back together to solve a new mystery. While many fans through this series was a step back, the Legal battle over the Latimer case made for gripping drama and a nice change from the corkboard wrangling the rest of the series inspired.

Standout Episode – “Episode 8”

25. Show Me A Hero (HBO)

This David Simon series was something you either loved or hated and for myself and many others, this series was a fantastic miniseries that showcased America at its most raw all while keeping you intrigued with political machinations at a local level. But this was Oscar Isaac’s series and to say he nailed it would be an understatement. Almost any other actor would have made the series less watchable in its more tedious moments, but Isaac made the most of it and made it gripping stuff.

Standout Episode – “Part 6”

24. Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)

This show should not feel like a guilty pleasure to watch, but boy was it one when the third season of this series dropped. The show has improved on almost every level in its junior year, by thankfully focusing on the characters who have interesting storylines and away from the weaker characters (cough Piper cough). However it was clear that there are cracks starting to show and the show has put itself in a very interesting spot to progress from here.

Standout Episode – “We Can Be Heroes”

23. Narcos (Netflix)

Filling in that void that Breaking Bad left, Narcos was a fantastic ride from start to finish when its debut season released on Netflix. This season was a story about Escboar and Colombia and the show nailed it across the boards. One of the strangest experiences felt this year was the fact that I was actively supporting Pablo freaking Escobar over the DEA Agents I am supposed to relate with. A fantastic ride and with the door very open for Season Two, who knows just where this show can go.

Standout Episode – “La Catedral”

22. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp (Netflix)

Netflix released a lot of quality this year (as shown by the last couple of entries on this list!) but arguably none were as hyped as the return to Camp Firewood after some 14 years. Maintaining the comedy of the film, the series felt at home alongside the original and was one of the funniest shows to come out of the year, plus we got to see some old friends again ways we did not expect, which is always welcome.

Standout Episode – “Electro-City”

21. The Last Man On Earth (FOX)

No other show went through as much change as Last Man On Earth did in 2015. Starting to critical acclaim off the back of one of the best pilot’s in years, the show quickly fell away in the eyes of many as the series developed through the first season. But the show returned in Season Two with a renewed focus and has slowly returned to become a must watch show with its unique blend of comedy and raw emotion.

Standout Episode – “Alive In Tucson”

20. Louie (FX)

With a shortened fifth season, this show flew under a lot of people’s radars this year. While the season was a step down from the high points the show has seen in the past, the show returned to the humor that made it so beloved in the first place all while maintaining the unique stories that made the show worth watching in the first place.

Standout Episode – “Untitled”

19. Danger 5 (SBS)

A show not many would have heard of, this Australian series returned in 2015 with a second season that upped the wackiness tenfold all while being a damn funny show to watch and wonder just what the hell was happening at the same time. If this is the future of Australian comedy, then sign me up.

Standout Episode – “Johnny Hitler”

18. Brooklyn Nine Nine (FOX)

This show has quietly turned into the best network comedy over the course of 2015, after a solid rebound from a weak start to Season Two. With the show focusing more on what makes the show work all while not being afraid to throw something new into the mix, Brooklyn Nine Nine continues to excel in Season Three and leaves the door open for there to be hope that it will continue to be quality.

Standout Episode – “Halloween III”

17. Community (Yahoo!)

Scraping to Season Six by the skin of its teeth, this series’ rebirth on Yahoo saw a welcome return to form for the series both in terms of setpieces and emotional development. But while we wait for the movie, I am perfectly comfortable in leaving it with the wonderful series finale, which shows just how far this show has come.

Standout Episode – “Emotional Consequences Of Broadcast Television”

16. Peep Show (Channel 4)

With a long awaited return of the El Dude Brothers, the final season of this long running British show knocked it out of the park, giving us plenty of laughs while reaffirming pretty much what we all knew from the start of the series. Only a show like Peep Show could have a low key ending like it did and still be classified as fantastic.

Standout Episode – “Threeism”

15. The Jinx: The Life And Deaths Of Robert Durst (HBO)

Filling that Serial gap quite nicely, This HBO miniseries was a fantastic case study in journalism and the ending moments of the final episode are some that will be talked about for years to come. Fully engrossing and super addictive, I did not want to stop watching until I found out just what the hell had happened, and that in my eyes is what makes quality television.

Standout Episode – “What The Hell Did I Do?”

14. Rick & Morty (Adult Swim)

With high expectations, this series returned to its winning ways with a hilarious second season. While it was clear that there were a few missteps in an otherwise strong season, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland continued to crush it in Season Two and with a potential year and a half wait before Season Three, we better get used to rewatching this series a lot.

Standout Episode – “Total Rickall”

13. Silicon Valley (HBO)

With its second season, Silicon Valley continued to be one of the smartest and well written comedies on Television thanks to the watchful eyes of Mike Judge and Alec Berg. While it was clear that some cracks starts to show during the second season (fans pointed out a pretty repetitive episode structure and it kind of ruined the show a bit) there is no denying that Silicon Valley was hilarious from start to finish this season.

Standout Episode – “Binding Arbitration”

12. Deutschland 83 (SundanceTV)

Foreign language shows are ones that will often scare audiences as they cannot be bothered reading, but those who were turned off this German import for that reason missed one of the shows of the year. A period piece about both sides of Germany during the Cold War, Deutschland 83 was a fantastic trip and one that filled the hole in my heart The Americans had left.

Standout Episode – “Bold Guard”

11. Last Week Tonight With John Oliver (HBO)

This show drew a lot of criticism through it’s second season online for its rather formulaic structure, but there is no denying that this show has left its mark on pop culture this year thanks to Oliver’s willingness to go the extra mile and speak passionately about important and under represented issues in the mainstream media. The fact that this show is also hilarious is just icing on the fantastic cake that we already get.

Standout Episode – “FIFA II”

So, like many shows before it, I am going to leave you on a huge cliffhanger just outside of the top 10! It is also totally not because this post is already massive and I need time to work on other articles but join us next week for BWM’s Top 10 TV Shows of 2015!


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