Top 10 Songs From The First Year Of BWM

Only a few days late, I thought that there should be an anniversary post and what better way to do it than by looking back at the first year of BWM!

In this list I have picked the 10 best songs that I have reviewed in an album review for BWM over the last year. However, I will be sticking to just one song off each album to make it as fair as possible. Obviously there will be some disagreement so I expect to see you shoot some off in the comments!

10. ‘Gagarin’ – Public Service Broadcasting (The Race For Space)

Kicking off this list is this foot tapping tune off the second LP from British group Public Service Broadcasting. Mixing archival sounds and footage with a catchy as hell tune, this song produced one of the best shocks of the past year as it legitimately came out of nowhere to be right in the mix of my favorite songs of this past year.

9. ‘Walk The Wire’ – Boy & Bear (Limit Of Love)

The first single off this Australian band’s third LP, Boy & Bear proved they still had it with a catchy track that felt like a natural progression from the previous work while still being enjoyable. With a chorus that is fun to rock out and one of the best music videos in years, this song has been on constant rotation on my list since reviewing it.

8. ‘Death With Dignity’ – Sufjan Stevens (Carrie & Lowell)

Kicking off this 2015 release with just the right amount of depressing lyrics and beautiful music, Death With Dignity pushes Carrie & Lowell off to a fantastic start and does just enough to get people excited about what this album had in store. One of the strongest songs out of 2015 to date, this song makes you contemplate while get heavily invested in the music itself.

7. ‘Too Much Time Together’ – San Cisco (Gracetown)

This catchy tune off the band’s second LP embodies why I personally enjoy San Cisco so much. The band doesn’t try to reinvent the wheel, nor does it need to, and merely provides a super catchy tune that is fun to sing along with and as a result is one of the stronger tracks off the album.

6. ‘Hold Your Breath’ – Morning Runner (Wilderness Is Paradise Now)

The oldest song on this list as the album was released in 2006 and the review went up on the first day of the site back in November 2014, Hold Your Breath is a track that I adore and is in my mind a quintessential Road Trip song, especially as the soft piano and long lyrics suit winding roads and drifting through forests so perfectly. While road trips are becoming less frequent in my life, there is still a special feeling whenever this song comes on in my rotation.

5. ‘Map Of The World’ – City & Colour (If I Should Go Before You)

Off a surprisingly strong fifth album comes this track by Dallas Green and it proves that he can still knock it out of the park some ten years later. With a catchy and upbeat feel and lyrics that are fun to sing along with, this track is somewhat of an underrated gem on the fifth album and one that is closing in on a place in my top 10 for 2015.

4. ‘1996’ – The Wombats (This Modern Glitch)

Off this British band’s second album, 1996 is a track I have been in love with for almost five years after first hearing it way back in 2011. With sing along lyrics about nostalgia and a great performance on the drums by Dan Haggis, this song is a quintessential one by The Wombats and pretty much showcases what they are all about. Also the fact that it is about the year I was born is a big plus in my book.

3. ‘Little Fire’ – Avalanche City (We Are For The Wild Places)

This track off the New Zealander’s second LP is my biggest argument for wondering why Avalanche City are not more popular. A catchy track that does not rely on much until the absolutely amazing bridge, the song excels in using different instruments to get you tapping along and the lyrics are great to follow and sing along with. One of my standout tracks of 2015, Little Fire is a song that is criminally underrated.

2. ‘Give Me A Try’ – The Wombats (Glitterbug)

Another appearance on this list by the Liverpool band, Give Me A Try is one of those tracks that floors me every time listening to it as there is no way I should like this song as much as I do. With plenty of catchy hooks and lyrics that are fantastic to sing along with no matter your state of sobriety, this song is a standout of an already amazing album and I would be shocked not to see it make the Hottest 100 this year.

1. ‘Simple Song’ – The Shins (Port Of Morrow)

Capping things off is this classic track off this American band’s fourth LP and the reason my love for The Shins is unlikely to waver any time soon. A song that has been there in massive moments in pop culture and my own life, Simple Song is a catchy track that relies on James Mercer and his amazing vocals plus the fantastic musical work by the rest of the band, especially on the guitars. With a fantastic music video to boot, Simple Song is one of those tracks that works on every angle and one of my favorite songs of all time and easily the best track reviewed in the first year of BWM.

What do you think? What tracks do you reckon are better? Sound off in the comments and let me know!


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