This Week In Review S1W03 – August 14th, 2015

Welcome to another Week In Review! As always, we will be recapping what important stuff has happened this week in Pop Culture, as well as discussing it like we know what we are talking bout when really we have no idea what any of it means. If you want more information on anything read here, click the bold text!

TV This Week

This week was somewhat the week of early discussions into reboots/revivals and continuations. We heard that HBO is in “preliminary talks” about bringing back Deadwood for a long awaited movie, NBC is looking at a reboot of lovable 80’s alien ALF and Will Smith is in early talks for a Fresh Prince of Bel Air reboot, presumably starring his son Jaden?

This week we also learnt of some renewal news, with Netflix deciding to pick up Sense8 for a second season, which has been generally hailed by the public, despite the rather lukewarm critical reception. We also learnt that everyone’s favorite Adult Swim show Rick and Morty has been picked up for a third season. It was probably the best news this week, and the population of Earth has dropped quite heavily thanks to all the Meeseeks disappearing once this was made certain.

Elsewhere this week we celebrated a special birthday, with Comedy Central show South Park airing for the first time 18 years ago this week. For a show that has been running that long, it is amazing to see just how well it has done for itself, and now the show is old enough it can finally drink and vote in Australia!

Movies This Week

The big news this week was the utter failing of the new Fantastic Four movie (the link provided is a joke on my part) which drew a large number of complaints for its rushed back half story and even had director Josh Trank discredit the film before release.

We also saw trailers for Quentin Tarantino’s upcoming The Hateful Eight and the Bryan Cranston lead biopic Trumbo, while we learnt that Blade Runner 2 will start shooting next year and there is a Beetlejuice 2 well in the works.

Elsewhere many were stunned with the fantastic Box Office return of the new Dragon Ball movie, Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection, which despite its limited release, is on course to make around $20 Million.

Music This Week

This Week saw the release of the new lead single “Walk The Wire” off of Boy & Bear’s third LP Limit of Love, due out October 9. This is something I am very excited about, as Boy & Bear are one of my favorite bands and this album release will make 2015 probably my favorite year in music ever, and the year is just over half way done.

Elsewhere we learnt of a Ned Flanders themed Metal Band called Okilly Dokilly is something that needs to be heard to understand and finally this week, esteemed director Tommy Wiseau returned to the camera to deliver the newest music video from band Corsica Arts Club.

That’s all for this week! Did I miss anything? Drop a line in the comments and help me look out for more stuff by tweeting relevant things to me at @CalBehrendt.


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