Music For Your Monday S1W01 – July 27th, 2015

Welcome to the reboot of MFYM! This is the Dark, Gritty Origin story that is sure to grab your interest and hold it for at least Six Seasons and a Movie (Or more likely, do precisely none of those things just mentioned.)

Things will be run a little differently this time. In order for me to have enough music to carry through with this for a long time, I will be cutting the Weekly list from 10 songs to just 5. I did this mostly so I can have time to discover new artists and songs to make sure it won’t be me just returning to the same well each time.

So where to begin this week? Lets start with an English classic, an Aussie Indie Folk icon and something from the wonder that is Eurovision.

Wonderwall – Oasis

I almost had to start here. An Alternative Legend, Oasis with their 1995 release (What’s The Story) Morning Glory made an album that still holds up very well to today, and this smash hit is a key reason why. Easy to play, Easier to sing along to, Wonderwall is a classic song that is great to hear time after time. Just don’t let that guy pull out his guitar and play this at your next party.

Perfect For – Annoying Everyone At A Party With Your Guitar Skills

Hollering Hearts – Josh Pyke

The second single off of his upcoming 5th album, But For All These Shrinking Hearts (Due out this Friday) Pyke proves he is one of the best and most entertaining artists in Australia at the moment. A feel good song that has a chorus impossible to not sing along to, This song harkens back to his Makes You Happy days, and I for one, welcome that very, very much.

Perfect For – A Feel Good Driving Track

Your New Twin Sized Bed – Death Cab For Cutie

With Death Cab coming to Wollongong this Friday, I thought it would be worth it to check out some of their earlier work in preparation for their concert. And boy was I right. Tracks like Your New Twin Sized Bed, off their 2008 LP Narrow Stairs, the song really hits close to home to a lot of people through it’s emotional outpouring of emotions and the feeling of loneliness we all have at times.

Perfect For – That Emotional Scene You Pretend To Film Each Time You Stare At The Ceiling

Give Me A Try – The Wombats

There is nothing I am more excited for than to go see The Wombats tonight in Sydney. With them being one of my favorite bands, The Liverpool trio have often shown the world that they can create a wonderful song that is impossible not to enjoy. Give Me A Try, off their 2015 LP Glitterbug, is one of their better works as it flawlessly combines an enjoyable feeling with sing along lyrics and the urge to dance.

Perfect For – Your Get Psyched Mix

A Monster Like Me – Mørland & Debrah Scarlett

Ending this week with a more out there song, coming directly from the 2015 Eurovision contest is this wonderful Norwegian track. Finishing 8th overall (3 places behind European Heavyweight Australia) this track was brutally underrated, with this song about Love, Loss and Toxic Relationships being one of the best songs in the contest.

Perfect For – Getting Your Norway Fix

As always, If you find a cool track or something you want to see in MFYM, drop a line in the comments! See you next week!


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