April Antics 2015 Day 10 – Championship Match And Wrapup

Welcome to the final day of April Antics (June Jubilee) for 2015! From our original 64 songs, we are left with just two for the final matchup, where one will become the inaugural April Antics Winner!

If you have missed the rest of the bracket so far, here are all the links to each day. Don’t worry, we will wait for you to catch up:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

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Day 9

As always, If at any stage you want to see the whole bracket, just pop over here and see how the tournament is progressing.

If you also click on the song name in the matchup, you can be taken to the song, so feel free to tell me how wrong I am in the comments!


#4 Leeward Side (Josh Pyke) vs #3 Real Estate (Boy & Bear)

64 Songs. 9 Days. Over 10,000 words. It all comes down to this. Leeward Side booked its place in the big game by getting past Misplaced Devotion (The Dear Hunter), In The Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel), Perfect World (Broken Bells), Fluorescent Adolescent (Arctic Monkeys) and surprise packet New Slang (The Shins) while Real Estate is making its appearance off the backs of wins over Red Eyes (The War On Drugs), See Me Now (The Kooks), If You Wanna Stay (The Griswolds), Best For You (Morning Runner) and North Carolina (Little Chief).

Leeward Side makes a strong case as to why it should be in the final. Kicking things off with an awesome use of the harmonica, the song keeps the pace frantic while allowing to tell an interesting story. The song gives off a difficult impression, seeming like something that should not be enjoyed, but Pyke keeps it upbeat and with a unique drumming pattern, keeps the song very enjoyable. Pyke also demands attention to then lyrics, with his voice carrying the mystical lyrics and a constant dream to be “someone worthy of your conversation” attributing the song to an unobtainable love, but puts a positive spin on it, keeping the full emotions hidden in plain sight.

Real Estate is also a song that hides the full extent of itself, requiring several plays to dig deeper. Mixing an old folksy sound with a more modern synth backdrop, the song excels at creating a mood and sticking to it. The lyrical work also help to appeal to the track, with the merging of real and surreal imagery making the track something to behold. But what really makes this song great is the relaxing mood it puts you in. With this track on, a lot of worries fly out the window and it allows nostalgia to sneak into your mind, which is always a good thing to me.

Both of these songs create quite an impact to me as well, which makes this matchup a whole lot harder. Both songs have a pretty specific relevance to arguably the most important part of my life to date: the end of my HSC and the end of 13 years of schooling. Real Estate was often the song that took me to and from school, creating a memory of driving every day on the open road with this song on and that memory is so implanted in my head that every time I hear the song I am transported back to that time and the knowledge that the end of school is so close. Leeward Side however is the song that saw the end of my HSC. After walking out of my final exam, this was the first song played and driving home with the windows rolled down and singing this as loud as possible is a memory that I love to remember as it was the moment when I felt free in my life.

So when it comes down to it, this matchup is really close and it reasonably could go either way. However, I am going to have to edge to the song that I placed at Number #1 on my list of 2013. The song was a big part of the year and it was pretty much impossible to turn it off once it had started. The winner of April Antics 2015 is…

Leeward Side by Josh Pyke

Shocked? Maybe. Deserved? Absolutely. Leeward Side was my number one track of 2013, and while Real Estate was number two, it did not dominate my year like the track from Josh Pyke. Congrats to Leeward Side! Having won Six matchups on its way to the title, including knocking out several hard songs on the way, it is a well deserved win.

As we Wrapup the tournament, I feel it necessary to give out a few awards.

Overachiever: Saint Joan by Husky/How Can You Really by Foxygen

Having both made the Third Round overall and the Division Semis, these songs punched well above their weight and could have gone a little further if they hadn’t faced top 8 seeds in their Third Round matchups.

Underachiever: Here Comes The Night Time by Arcade Fire

The highest seeded casualty of the First Round with a seeding of #10, this song was expected to at least make the Division Semis, but by dropping out on the first hurdle, it failed to live up to these expectations.

Giant Killer: New Slang by The Shins/Saint Joan by Husky

Taking out two higher seeds on their bracket runs, New Slang arguably has a better claim to the title, the number 16 seed taking out the Number One seed in Sleeping Sickness and then taking out the Number Nine seed Love Love Love on its run to the Final Four, but Saint Joan must be applauded for getting past Number 11 Seed New York Lights and number 43 Seed Schoolboy on its run to the third round, where it was stopped by Number Six seed Best For You.

Biggest Choker: New York Lights (#11) vs Saint Joan (#54) – 43 Seed Difference

New York Lights, when exiting in the First Round, left in miserable manner, dropping out to a song that was 43 seeds lower in Saint Joan. At least Saint Joan made it to the Third Round, so its not all bad news.

Most Surprising Run: Fluorescent Adolescent by Arctic Monkeys

By sneaking its way into the Division Final, this British song wowed many with its ability to sneak out of tough matchups. By getting past 5th seed Skinny Love, many people thought the dream run would continue, but it was not to be, losing to eventual winner Leeward Side in the final eight.

Strangest Choice of Song: Mess Is Mine by Vance Joy/Weight of Living Part 1 by Bastille

Another two songs that exited in the first round, these two were curious as Riptide and Laura Palmer are much better songs by the respective artists, and so it was very strange to see these two in the bracket instead based on the rules I set before the competition. Both artists could have gone a lot better in the competition had their best songs made it in.

And just for kicks, here is the breakdown by country so you can all accuse me of Australian Bias in the comments:

United States

29 Songs Out Of 64

Best Performing Song – New Slang/North Carolina (Final Four)

United Kingdom

17 Songs Out Of 64

Best Performing Song – Best For You/Fluorescent Adolescent (Division Final)


10 Songs Out Of 64

Best Performing Song – Leeward Side (Winner)


3 Songs Out Of 64

Best Performing Song – Sleeping Sickness (Division Semi Final)

New Zealand

2 Songs Out Of 64

Best Performing Song – Love Love Love (Division Final)


2 Songs Out Of 64

Best Performing Song – Dirty Paws/In The Silence (First Round)


1 Song Out Of 64

Best Performing Song – One More Time (First Round)

And with that, April Antics (June Jubilee) is wrapped up for 2015! Thankyou to everyone who read along with me. I will be looking at rebooting the rest of the site soon, so please hang around and enjoy what we have to say!


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