April Antics 2015 Day 9 – The Final Four

Welcome back to another day of April Antics (June Jubilee) and today we are kicking off the Final Four! With only 4 songs remaining, two will progress to the first ever April Antics final and who will they be?

As always, If at any stage you want to see the whole bracket, just pop over here and see how the tournament is progressing.

If you also click on the song name in the matchup, you can be taken to the song, so feel free to tell me how wrong I am in the comments!


#16 New Slang (The Shins) vs #4 Leeward Side (Josh Pyke)

Kicking off the Final Four is one hell of a matchup. Both songs have not had an easy run, with New Slang taking out Shuffle (Bombay Bicycle Club), Buddy Holly (Weezer), Number 1 Seed Sleeping Sickness (City & Color) and Love Love Love (Avalanche City) to make its spot in the Final Four, while Leeward Side got past Misplaced Devotion (The Dear Hunter), In The Aeroplane Over the Sea (Neutral Milk Hotel), Perfect World (Broken Bells) and Fluorescent Adolescent (Arctic Monkeys) to book its ticket in the Final Four.

New Slang is an indie classic, there are no doubts about it. Being catapulted into mainstream from Zach Braff’s 2004 film Garden State, the song was touted as being one that changed your life. It arguably does this through its simple relaxing tone that puts the listener at ease before exploding their minds with James Mercer’s lyrical mastery, that packs emotion and imagery into each and every word. The song excels at what it sets out to do and is by far one of, if not their best track to date. But Leeward Side is another track that excels at what it aims to do. With probably the best use of the harmonica I have ever heard in an indie song (Sorry New York Lights) Leeward Side makes a tune that shouldn’t be so enjoyable, yet it is. With a unique drumming beat that seems out of place, the frantic pace put up by the rest of the song makes it slot perfectly back into place, and Pyke’s lyrics about a desire to improve and be someone “worthy of your conversation” is something that can resonate with the right people, and I am most definitely one of them.

When it comes to impact, both of these songs mean a great deal to me as they expanded my knowledge and view of music as a whole. New Slang was a song that opened my eyes to a whole other world of music and while it didn’t live up to Zach Braff’s claims, it still impacted on my life in a pretty major way, as most of the songs on this bracket would not be here if not for this song. Leeward Side is similar, arriving in a time when I thought I knew a lot about music, this song reopened my eyes and attached with it a whole new range of memories, most specifically the memory of me leaving my final HSC exam with this song on and the windows down and singing as loud as possible, knowing I was finally free of school after so long. This one is real close, but I have to edge it to Leeward Side, purely for the impact it had on me and the memory of freedom that is attached to it. Winner – Leeward Side

Time for a Halftime break in the Final Four, and this time I am going to put in a song that would have made the bracket if discovered a little earlier. Kasabian are a band I am increasingly enjoying, and Fire, off their 2009 album West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, is a song that I originally loved as it was the intro theme to the EPL games, but having never learnt the name, the song faded from memory until I uncovered it once more recently. The song is a building joy to behold, and the chorus is something that is impossible to not groove along to.


#7 North Carolina (Little Chief) vs #3 Real Estate (Boy & Bear)

Another tough matchup, but what can we expect, this is the Final Four! North Carolina surprised many with its run, getting past 3005 (Childish Gambino), Welcome Home, Son (Radical Face), How Can You Really (Foxygen) and Number 2 Seed It’s Nice To Be Alive (Ball Park Music) to sneak into the Final Four, where as Real Estate, the highest remaining seed, had a pretty tough run too, getting past Red Eyes (The War On Drugs), See Me Now (The Kooks), If You Wanna Stay (The Griswolds) and Best For You (Morning Runner) to get one match away from the Final.

Both songs are pretty underrated tracks. North Carolina, the standout track off Little Chief’s one and only album, puts the listener at ease straight away. With an Americana tone and unique string parts and dynamics that add to the theme of the song, what really sells the song is the lyrics, which are all about yearning for more, as “Heaven knows I’m on my way” is a big part of the chorus and the track really sells the desire expressed. The track is one of those songs that is an essential on any driving playlist, much like the other song in this matchup Real Estate. Another underrated track, this song mixes the old folk sound of a simple guitar with a more modern synth underline to give off a really relaxing tone that is easy to pack with nostalgia. The lyrics also add to this, with the mixing of real images and more surrealistic tones making the track memorable and easy to sing along to.

Both of these songs, much like many others that have made it this far, have had a pretty big impact on my life. North Carolina was the first song that I truly uncovered on my own, and its addictive nature to listen to has ensured its been on permanent repeat for almost two years now. The feeling of uncovering something online for the first time is pretty unmatched and nothing else that I have discovered by myself has had the same impact yet. Real Estate though has a very specific memory attached to it that means a hell of a lot to me. Every listen transports me back to 2013 and the end of my HSC, where those last days were ran out with this song on repeat driving to and from school, knowing that freedom was so close I could touch it. The song encapsulates that feeling perfectly for me every time. This one is really close, but when it comes down to it, I have to edge it to Real Estate, as the impact it had on me is something I have failed to seen matched by many other songs. Winner – Real Estate

So there you have it! Our final two songs have been decided, and while there was no real upsets today, both eliminated songs did amazingly getting this far and making it that close in the end. Join us tomorrow where we wrap up April Antics (June Jubilee) with the Final Matchup plus an overall look at the bracket. Until then, here is the final matchup, so start building that hype!

#4 Leeward Side (Josh Pyke) vs #3 Real Estate (Boy & Bear)


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